Three people were killed in a major highway collision Saturday morning at an intersection east of Andrews notorious for serious accidents.

The tragic wreck involved three vehicles—two of which were traveling on State Highway 176 and another that appeared to disregard a stop sign while traveling on FM 1788 into the intersection with Highway 176.

    Two people in a pickup involved in the accident were pronounced dead at the scene, as was a man in a Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Though official accident report information has yet to be released by Texas Department of Public Safety troopers investigating the incident, it appeared the accident was caused when the Jeep’s driver either ran a stop sign or proceeded from the stop sign at FM 1788 into the intersection and collided with a gang truck and a pickup that were both traveling on Highway 176.

    The pickup and gang truck came to rest east of the intersection on the north side of Highway 176, while the Jeep ended up on the north side of FM 1788 in the north-bound lane.

    The intersection was closed to traffic while the accident scene was being investigated and cleaned. Debris was strewn throughout the roadway following the 8:15 a.m. wreck.

    Emergency personnel initially called for AeroCare services, but once it was discovered the accident victims from the Jeep and pickup were deceased, the air flight services were disregarded.

It appeared the driver and a passenger in the gang truck were not injured.

Details of the accident will be provided in article in the mid-week edition of the Andrews County News.